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Player Reviews

Player Reviews

Andrey "CD_TuXO" Dubchak, Consultant of CyberEA [Cyberspace Esports Academy], Moscow

Game strategy is as much important as your will to win. Not having a clear strategy for a game - is the same as facing an armed enemy with bare hands. Planning a strategy for a game develops many skills, one of which is self discipline, which is one of the most important skills of a pro-gamer. Strategyboards is incredibly useful tool for developing players of any skill level. Good luck to the Strategyboard team!

Yegor "Belony" Dovgiy

Coaches and analysts of their own game must pay attention at this strategy-board. It really can tell some things without words that can't be done even with them, in some situations of course. Also recommend it for beginners in DotA 2 world, so you can analyze some mistakes on the board that you did in the game and correct. Improve yourself, guys. Good Luck :)

Daniil Orlovski

Planning your strategy ahead of the game plays a vital role in winning the game, so I think Strategyboards is an excellent idea. When you and your team knows what it is going to do in a game - there’s less chance that you’ll get confused and make a mistake. I sincerely hope that Strategyboards will be used by pro and amateur teams in the future and that will result in more interesting games being played.

Yegor 'GJ!!!' Necvitay

Strategyboards is an excellent idea, because it’s going to make life so much easier for young gamers. With it, they’ll be able to observe successful strategies, good warding, which can win the game. Also, Team Coaches will get a boost, because they won’t need to spend spend so much time looking for demos of “ready-to-use” strategies. Good luck to the Strategyboards team, I really hope they will succeed :)

Available features

Available features

Available features
Draw directions and actions, note some cool tips to outplay your opponents
Point important places and items in use on the map
Save your plans, download it as PDF or share it with other gamers
Real time
Build your strategy with your team in the real time
Heroes & Items
Create your personal step-by-step strategy using your kit of heroes
Interactive Maps
Online maps of the 10 most popular competitive games